How I got from there to here

Some years ago I was in a big life transition and realized that I had stopped looking in the mirror because I did not like what I saw and I didn’t look like myself anymore. I had gained quite a bit of weight, struggled with some loss of motivation and faces some health problems. My attitude was not great and though I had was regularly trying different things to feel better, I was not very happy with myself or my life. Exercise has always worked well for me so I began hiking every day and that helped some but I had the moment of awareness that nobody else could fix my life and if I didn’t take responsibility for doing that, it would not happen. It was not easy but there began a shift of consciousness for me that affected every part of my life. I did many things on this journey that began as an inside job and resulted in a life I truly love today. I went from a size 16 to size 0-2, changed my career, invested in friendships with people who felt good to be around and started traveling the world. Ultimately I married the love of my life and invested in a healthy relationship that years later still feels fulfilling. Expressing my style through fashion became a real part of changing how I felt and saw myself. Making healthy choices from my relationship with food to how I spend my days is all part of this journey so I wanted to share my experiences in the hope that it might help make that journey a bit easier and more fun for someone else. Transformed style was born out of this beautiful life change and I hope anyone reading this would benefit a bit from what I share. Here’s to another new year of building a life we love!

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