Making changes

Today is a big day for me. I have had long hair for quite a long time and honestly for the majority of my life. I booked an appointment to have my hair cut a month ago and spent hours over this month looking for style inspiration, asking friends to send photos of haircuts they think might look good for me and narrowing the top contenders. Hair can become a part of our identities and mine certainly has. My wedding was postponed more than once during the pandemic so my hair stayed long for the desired wedding style. I recently went to do a style photo shoot and realized while looking through the photos that all that hair just looked and felt heavy to me. So that day I determined to find a new style that suits the me I am today. Last night I was surprised that I had a little trouble sleeping anticipating the big hair cut day. I usually choose and lay out my clothing the day before so when I began getting ready for the appointment the clothing I had chosen just didn’t give me the feeling of confidence I needed for such a big day. I quickly ditched the planned outfit and chose instead an outfit that is my “go to” confidence choice. A black fitted skirt that fits me well, comfortable black boots, a black turtle neck and my favorite accent green jacket. It was in this moment I recognized once again the value of clothing and style to impact confidence.

Today is a big day for me. I have had long hair for most of

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